Dr. Lisa Jahr


„After attending innumerable different orthodontic seminar series, I signed up for CS Orthoseminars. I experienced a big difference between my former training and the CS training. Since then, I have been working with much better confidence and understanding of my ortho cases.

Dr. Gregor Koinig

St. Andrä/Kärnten

„CS Orthoseminars is based on countless practical examples. Each Module gave me more confidence to accept even the most difficult orthodontic cases. In a short period of time I treated lots of satisfied patients in my office, therefore I can say that this training was the best I ever attended“

Dr. Zsigmond Hanzely


„Your seminar series are great! Eventhough being a specialist in orthodontics with more than 10 years of Experience, I still learn a lot!“

Dr. Thomas Schindler

Dentist and orthodontist

„You really care about everyone of your students and you make sure, that everyone progresses and improves his knowledge and skills. I‘m happy to be a part of it.“

Dr. Florian Wruhs

Dentist and orthodontist, Vienna/Austria

„Thank you for the opportunity to stop by your practice to watch you and your team work. This is another great enrichment for your course attendees – up-close and honest!“

Dr. Mirko Busic


„After more than 44 years of practice, CS Orthoseminars has been the only seminar series offering knowledge that is usable immediately in the dental office.“

Dr. Inge Rak

Dental surgeon Rohrbach, Upper Austria

„I have to compliment you on your amazing seminar. The courses were outstanding and enlightening, both professionally and personally!“

Dr. Luise Kudrnac

Dentist and orthodontist, Vienna/Austria

„Dear Robert,

Finally I found a seminar in which everything was explained in a comprehensible and practice oriented manner.”

Dr. Birgit Schönauer

Rainbach im Mühlkreis

Dear Robert, I’ve had a long day at work and took care of a few orthodontic cases. Since your course many things have become so much clearer to me. I really enjoy my work and want to see many new patients. You have created great things with this course and also with your platform.”

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