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First Consultation & Documentation
Diagnosis, cephalometric analysis, documentation

Understand the right approach to new patients and how to convert them into your next successful cases.

Learn how to diagnose all different malocclusions concerning soft tissue, dental & skeletal diagnosis.

Indicate phase I (mixed dentition) and phase II cases and understand when to start an orthodontic case effectively.

Master the tracing of cephalometric x-rays, professional documentation and presentation of your own orthodontic cases.

Module 2 – Brackets & Wires
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Orthodontic tools & material, application and phase clarification
Orthodontic material, bracket systems, wire progression, phases in orthodontics

Learn about bracket systems, wires, pliers, closed & open coils and other orthodontic devices, fixed and removable.

Over- and under-correction of rotations, deep and open bite malocclusion, bonding errors and resulting consequences.

Walkthrough of different phases in orthodontics and what to consider before mechanic phase.

2nd consultation and patient education, treatment consent and much more.

Module 3 – Phase I Orthodontics
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Phase I treatment
2×4 mechanics, removable devices

Obtain the skills to diagnose and plan phase I (mixed dentition) cases.

Is it time to start the case right now?

What is the supporting zone?

How can I treat A-P problems in mixed dentition cases?

Understand myofunctional problems, habits and effective treatment methods.

2×4 mechanics, utility arch, headgear, lower lingual arch and lip bumper.

Module 4 – Extraction Mechanics
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Extraction mechanics Cl I / II / III
Face driven orthodontics, sliding & 2-step mechanics, indications & contraindications for extraction

Acquire the skills to diagnose the indication and contra-indication of extraction cases concerning profile, occlusion, skeletal patterns and myofunction.

Easily understand, which mechanics and different anchorage systems to use in order to close an extraction space.

Extraction and mechanics of central incisors, laterals, cuspids, bicuspids and molars.

Treat pre-prosthetic ortho patients with ease.

Module 5 – Non Extraction Mechanics
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Non extraction mechanics cl I / II / III & Periodontics
Face driven orthodontics, sliding & 2-step mechanics, indications & contraindications for non-extraction

Indication and contra-indication of non-extraction cases concerning profile, occlusion, skeletal patterns and myofunction.

Easily understand, which mechanics should be used to close spaces in controlled ways on non-extraction cases.

How to change the profile with different mechanics and different anchorage systems.

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Impacted & displaced teeth, vertical & transversal malocclusions
Impacted and partial impacted teeth, surgical procedures to expose impacted teeth, deep bite and open bite (skeletal & dental), x-bite therapy

Learn diagnosis and retrieval of impacted teeth in every possible position.

Acquire a skill in ‘pathcreation’ for impacted teeth, learn about surgical exposure and see different techniques of retrievement.

Understand the cause of lateral, anterior open bite, deep bite and different alternatives to deal with vertical and transversal problems.

Additionally, you will discover how to diagnose unilateral and bilateral crossbite.

Module 7 – Orthognathic Surgery
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Orthognathic surgery, cases for advanced practitioners
Orthognathic surgery on cl I/II/III, vertical, transversal & skeletal asymmetry malocclusions, discussions on advanced cases

Obtain the skills to diagnose ‘real’ orthognathic surgery cases.

What is the limit of non-surgery orthodontics?

How do I achieve the best results even without surgery on skeletal malocclusions transversal, A-P and vertical?

Discussion of different orthognathic cases from Dr. Robert Scherngells clinic.

Discussion of various ‘correct’ and ‘faulty’ diagnosis and/or treatments.

Module 8 – Asymmetric Malocclusions
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Advanced case studies, dental & skeletal asymmetry
Problem solving for your progress cases, dental & skeletal asymmetry, diagnosis & intensive mechanical training

Learn how to diagnose and treat different dental and skeletal malocclusions.

Causes of dental asymmetries, midline discrepancies and how to diagnose these cases.

Discussion of advanced cases of different malocclusion from our clinic.

Module 9 – Perfect Finishing
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Finishing, retention & case discussion
1st, 2nd & 3rd order bends, details for case finishing, aesthetics, case discussion

Get the best possible outcome for your own orthodontic cases.

Which details must be considered for best function and aesthetics?

1st, 2nd and 3rd order bends.

How to do stripping and contouring and handle ‘black windows’.

Fixed and clear overlay retainers.

More cases from our clinic and their retention phases.

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