Orthognathic Surgery for Advanced Practitioners

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Orthognathic surgery on cl I/II/III, vertical, transversal & skeletal asymmetry malocclusions, discussions on advanced cases

This comprehensive orthodontic course is specifically designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge to diagnose and treat orthognathic surgery cases. You will gain the expertise to accurately assess and identify cases that require surgical intervention, as well as determine the limits of non-surgical orthodontics.

We will delve into the complexities of skeletal malocclusions in the transversal, A-P, and vertical dimensions, providing you with strategies to achieve optimal results even in cases where surgery is not an option.

Learn about our ways to deal with these challenging skeletal discrepancies effectively.

To enhance your learning experience, we will engage in insightful discussions about real orthognathic cases from the clinic of Dr. Robert Scherngell.

These case discussions will allow you to analyze different treatment approaches and outcomes, gaining valuable insights into successful orthodontic management of complex cases.

Furthermore, we will explore both correct and faulty diagnosis and treatment scenarios. By critically examining these cases, you will develop a deep understanding of the key factors that contribute to successful treatment outcomes, as well as common pitfalls to avoid.

This knowledge will refine your diagnostic skills and enhance your ability to provide evidence-based and effective orthodontic treatment.

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