Vertical / Transverse & Impacted Teeth

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Impacted and partial impacted teeth, surgical procedures to expose impacted teeth, deep bite and open bite (skeletal & dental), x-bite therapy

This advanced orthodontic course offers an in-depth exploration of the diagnosis and retrieval of impacted teeth in various positions.

Through this course, you will acquire a specialized skill set in “path creation” techniques specifically designed to address impacted teeth. We will delve into the intricacies of surgical exposure and present a range of techniques for effective & successful retrieval.

Furthermore, we focus on understanding the underlying causes of specific malocclusions, such as lateral or anterior open bite, and deep bite.

Gain insights into the etiology of these conditions and explore different treatment alternatives to address vertical and transversal problems associated with these malocclusions.

We provide in-depth guidance on diagnosing and managing both unilateral and bilateral crossbites that present unique challenges, and understanding their diagnosis and appropriate treatment approaches is essential for achieving optimal results.

Through interactive discussions and case studies, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the nuances involved in diagnosing and treating crossbites.

Module 6

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