Vertical / Transverse & Impacted Teeth

Module content

This module assists orthodontists in gaining a thorough grasp of the intricacies associated
with diagnosing and solving cases of impacted teeth, deep bite, open bite, and crossbite.
Despite the unique challenges that these types of cases often present,
they can typically be resolved through a sequence of straightforward steps.


What you will learn


      • Create a “path” for even the most severely impacted teeth.
      • Diagnose and treat dental and skeletal open bite correctly.
      • Correct x-bite with or without appliances such as RPE or TPA.
      • Correct deep bite with bite openers, elastics, and other implements.


    Who is this module for?

    This module is for orthodontists who are facing difficulties
    in deciding how to start cases of impacted teeth or deep bite or open bite.
    The material contained in this module also provides guidance
    in situations where space has been opened for the retrieval of teeth,
    but it is not quite clear how to activate the teeth.

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    Instructor: Dr. Robert Scherngell

    Duration: 2h 12min

    Language: English

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