Extraction Mechanics

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Face driven orthodontics, sliding & 2-step mechanics, indications & contraindications for extraction

A course all about obtaining proficiency in identifying the indications and contraindications for extractions based on considerations such as facial profile, occlusion, skeletal patterns, and myofunctional factors. 

In addition to diagnosis, our course focuses on the mechanics and anchorage systems required to effectively close extraction spaces whilst maintaining stability.

Understanding the appropriate mechanics and anchorage principles will give you the tools to create harmonious and balanced smiles for your patients.

Module 4 covers the extraction and mechanics of various teeth, including central incisors, laterals, cuspids, bicuspids, and molars.

Through exploration of detailed example cases, you will understand the challenges and treatment considerations associated with each tooth type. This knowledge will empower you to approach difficult extraction cases confidently and deliver optimal results.

Moreover, this course addresses the unique aspects of treating pre-prosthetic orthodontic patients.

By mastering the intricacies of treating pre-prosthetic cases, you will enhance your ability to deliver comprehensive and patient-centered care.

Module 4

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