Phase I Orthodontics

Module description

This module is a comprehensive orthodontic tutorial,
focussing on the accurate diagnosis and the creation of effective treatment plans of mixed dentition cases.
Myofunctional problems are discussed in detail,
as well as the possible impacts of patients’ habits on orthodontic treatments.


What you will learn

    • You will gain valuable insights regarding when to commence a treatment, with special consideration of the patient’s age.
    • All you need to know about the 2×4 mechanic.
    • How to use LLA, lip bumper, headgear, and other implements.


    Who is this module for?

    This module is for orthodontic practitioners who want to be able
    to determine the optimal point in time for starting an orthodontic treatment,
    taking the patient’s age into account. Handling myofunctional problems and habits
    are covered, as well as early orthodontic treatment.

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    Instructor: Dr. Robert Scherngell

    Duration: 2h 27min

    Language: English

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