Phase I Orthodontics

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2×4 mechanics, removable devices

A comprehensive orthodontic course focusing on successful diagnosis and planning in phase I (mixed dentition) cases.

Through this program, knowledge and expertise needed to make informed decisions on when to commence a case and establish a thorough understanding of the concept of the supporting zone is delivered.

In addition to mastering the timing and foundational principles, module 3 delves into the intricacies of addressing A-P problems in mixed dentition cases. You will explore various treatment modalities and learn effective techniques to achieve optimal outcomes for your patients.

Furthermore, we place significant emphasis on myofunctional problems, habits, and their impact on orthodontic treatment.

By delving into this crucial aspect, you will develop the skills to identify and manage these issues effectively.

Dr. Scherngell will guide you through proven treatment methods, ensuring you have a comprehensive toolbox to address a range of myofunctional challenges.

The course touches topics including the application of 2×4 appliances, utility arches, headgear, lower lingual arches, and lip bumpers. Obtain the knowledge and expertise necessary to excel in phase I cases and deliver exceptional patient care. 

Module 3

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