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Orthodontic material, bracket systems, wire progression, phases in orthodontics

From orthodontic materials including bracket systems, wires, pliers, closed and open coils to fixed and removable devices.

By enrolling in our course, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge about these materials and how to utilize them effectively in orthodontic treatment.

In addition to material expertise, we cover important topics like over- and under-correction of rotations, deep and open bite, bonding errors, and their consequences.

Understanding these challenges and their implications is crucial for delivering successful orthodontic outcomes.

Explore detailed walkthroughs of different phases in orthodontics that emphasize key considerations before entering the mechanical phase.

We also focus on the significance of the 2nd consultation and patient education, highlighting the importance of informed consent in orthodontic treatment.

By equipping you with effective communication skills and strategies, we ensure that you can effectively educate, motivate and engage your patients throughout their treatment journey.

This course goes beyond the technical aspects and provides insights into various other aspects of orthodontic practice.

Enroll today and take the next step towards becoming a proficient and confident orthodontic professional.

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