Bracket & Wires

Module content

Our Brackets & Wires module covers the materials and tools used in an orthodontic practice.
In several lessons we explain the correct usage of various pliers and different types of wires.
We also share our experiences with different bracket systems, and more.
Additionally, we highlight the importance of the second consultation
for strengthening your patients’ confidence prior to the actual start of the orthodontic treatment.


What you will learn

      • Use orthodontic pliers correctly.
      • Explain the characteristics of a variety of wires (NiTi, stainless steel, braided).
      • Apply alastomerics, reties, elastics, lacings and other important materials correctly.
      • Deepen your knowledge of the preparation work for the direct bonding system.
      • Learn how to place brackets correctly.
      • Train your orthodontic assistants to work efficiently.


    Who is this module for?

    This module is perfect for orthodontic practitioners who
    experience difficulties in L&A, want to achieve a smoother workflow for their assistants,
    and seek simple explanations on how to use orthodontic tools and materials most effectively.

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    Instructor: Dr. Robert Scherngell

    Duration: 3h 18min

    Language: English

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