Diagnosis & Documentation of orthodontic cases

Module content

This module is comprised of presentations covering the accurate diagnosis and
the successful planning of your orthodontic cases.
The included descriptions of profile diagnosis, dental diagnosis,
cephalometric analysis, and photographic documentation
will help beginners to start working on their first cases immediately.
Advanced practitioners will be enabled to find new ways
of perfecting their treatment processes.


What you will learn

      • Diagnose orthodontic situations accurately.
      • Document diagnoses, processes, and workflows clearly.
      • Recognize all types of malocclusions.
      • Create simple and effective treatment plans.
      • Develop a good rapport with your patients.
      • Improve the confidence of your team members.


    Who is this module for?

    This module is perfect for orthodontic practitioners
    who want to provide better care for their patients,
    enhance the efficiency of their treatments, and start cases with ease.

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    Instructor: Dr. Robert Scherngell

    Duration: 4h 04min

    Language: English

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