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Finishing & Retention

1st, 2nd & 3rd order bends, details for case finishing, aesthetics, case discussion

Our comprehensive series concludes with a specialized course that focuses on achieving exceptional finishing for your orthodontic cases.

Building upon your existing knowledge and skills, this course delves into the intricate details that contribute to both optimal function and aesthetics in orthodontic treatment.

An important component of this course is the exploration of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd order bends, essential techniques for precise tooth movement and alignment. You will receive a detailed visual explanation on wire bending, enabling you to achieve flawless outcomes for your cases.

Additionally, we will cover topics such as stripping and contouring, techniques for precise interproximal reduction, and managing “black windows” or dark spaces between teeth. Strategic application of these techniques will enhance the overall aesthetics of your patients’ smiles.

Retainers play a crucial role in ensuring long-term stability and retention of orthodontic results.

During the course, we will discuss both fixed and clear overlay retainers, including their indications, fabrication processes, and maintenance protocols. By understanding the nuances of different retainer options, you will be equipped to provide your patients with appropriate and effective post-treatment retention strategies.

To further enhance your learning experience, we will showcase additional case studies from our esteemed clinic, with a focus on the retention phases. These real-world examples will deepen your understanding of the importance of post-treatment retention and expose you to a wide range of clinical scenarios.

Enrolling in our advanced orthodontic course is an investment in your professional growth and treatment capabilities. Join us to elevate your orthodontic practice, refine your techniques, and deliver lasting exceptional results for your patients.

Module 9

Asymmetric Malocclusions

Problem solving for your progress cases, dental & skeletal asymmetry, diagnosis & intensive mechanical training

We place a particular emphasis on understanding the causes and diagnostic methods for dental asymmetries and midline discrepancies. You will learn how to identify and evaluate these cases, enabling you to develop accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans that address the specific needs of each patient.

This course provides in-depth discussions and practical exercises to reinforce your understanding of these important concepts.

To further enhance your learning experience, we facilitate insightful discussions centered around advanced cases of different malocclusions from our esteemed clinic.

Case discussions provide valuable real-world examples that allow you to analyze and explore the intricacies of complex orthodontic cases. 

By registering for, you can present your own orthodontic cases via our free orthodontic forum and discuss with us and our colleagues about the problems, treatment plans and more.

Module 8

Orthognathic Surgery for Advanced Practitioners

Orthognathic surgery on cl I/II/III, vertical, transversal & skeletal asymmetry malocclusions, discussions on advanced cases

This comprehensive orthodontic course is specifically designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge to diagnose and treat orthognathic surgery cases. You will gain the expertise to accurately assess and identify cases that require surgical intervention, as well as determine the limits of non-surgical orthodontics.

We will delve into the complexities of skeletal malocclusions in the transversal, A-P, and vertical dimensions, providing you with strategies to achieve optimal results even in cases where surgery is not an option.

Learn about our ways to deal with these challenging skeletal discrepancies effectively.

To enhance your learning experience, we will engage in insightful discussions about real orthognathic cases from the clinic of Dr. Robert Scherngell.

These case discussions will allow you to analyze different treatment approaches and outcomes, gaining valuable insights into successful orthodontic management of complex cases.

Furthermore, we will explore both correct and faulty diagnosis and treatment scenarios. By critically examining these cases, you will develop a deep understanding of the key factors that contribute to successful treatment outcomes, as well as common pitfalls to avoid.

This knowledge will refine your diagnostic skills and enhance your ability to provide evidence-based and effective orthodontic treatment.

Module 7

Vertical / Transverse & Impacted Teeth

Impacted and partial impacted teeth, surgical procedures to expose impacted teeth, deep bite and open bite (skeletal & dental), x-bite therapy

This advanced orthodontic course offers an in-depth exploration of the diagnosis and retrieval of impacted teeth in various positions.

Through this course, you will acquire a specialized skill set in “path creation” techniques specifically designed to address impacted teeth. We will delve into the intricacies of surgical exposure and present a range of techniques for effective & successful retrieval.

Furthermore, we focus on understanding the underlying causes of specific malocclusions, such as lateral or anterior open bite, and deep bite.

Gain insights into the etiology of these conditions and explore different treatment alternatives to address vertical and transversal problems associated with these malocclusions.

We provide in-depth guidance on diagnosing and managing both unilateral and bilateral crossbites that present unique challenges, and understanding their diagnosis and appropriate treatment approaches is essential for achieving optimal results.

Through interactive discussions and case studies, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the nuances involved in diagnosing and treating crossbites.

Module 6

Non Extraction Mechanics

Face driven orthodontics, sliding & 2-step mechanics, indications & contraindications for non-extraction

This course covers various essential aspects of diagnosis and treatment of malocclusions, skeletal patterns, and myofunctional issues. Learn to identify the indications and contraindications for non-extraction, considering factors such as facial profile and occlusion. 

This comprehensive understanding will enable informed decisions about the most appropriate treatment approaches for your patients.

Additionally, the course explores the mechanics and anchorage systems utilized to close spaces effectively, enhancing and improving the patients profile. 

Module 5

Extraction Mechanics

Face driven orthodontics, sliding & 2-step mechanics, indications & contraindications for extraction

A course all about obtaining proficiency in identifying the indications and contraindications for extractions based on considerations such as facial profile, occlusion, skeletal patterns, and myofunctional factors. 

In addition to diagnosis, our course focuses on the mechanics and anchorage systems required to effectively close extraction spaces whilst maintaining stability.

Understanding the appropriate mechanics and anchorage principles will give you the tools to create harmonious and balanced smiles for your patients.

Module 4 covers the extraction and mechanics of various teeth, including central incisors, laterals, cuspids, bicuspids, and molars.

Through exploration of detailed example cases, you will understand the challenges and treatment considerations associated with each tooth type. This knowledge will empower you to approach difficult extraction cases confidently and deliver optimal results.

Moreover, this course addresses the unique aspects of treating pre-prosthetic orthodontic patients.

By mastering the intricacies of treating pre-prosthetic cases, you will enhance your ability to deliver comprehensive and patient-centered care.

Module 4

Phase I Orthodontics

2×4 mechanics, removable devices

A comprehensive orthodontic course focusing on successful diagnosis and planning in phase I (mixed dentition) cases.

Through this program, knowledge and expertise needed to make informed decisions on when to commence a case and establish a thorough understanding of the concept of the supporting zone is delivered.

In addition to mastering the timing and foundational principles, module 3 delves into the intricacies of addressing A-P problems in mixed dentition cases. You will explore various treatment modalities and learn effective techniques to achieve optimal outcomes for your patients.

Furthermore, we place significant emphasis on myofunctional problems, habits, and their impact on orthodontic treatment.

By delving into this crucial aspect, you will develop the skills to identify and manage these issues effectively.

Dr. Scherngell will guide you through proven treatment methods, ensuring you have a comprehensive toolbox to address a range of myofunctional challenges.

The course touches topics including the application of 2×4 appliances, utility arches, headgear, lower lingual arches, and lip bumpers. Obtain the knowledge and expertise necessary to excel in phase I cases and deliver exceptional patient care. 

Module 3

Bracket & Wires

Orthodontic material, bracket systems, wire progression, phases in orthodontics

From orthodontic materials including bracket systems, wires, pliers, closed and open coils to fixed and removable devices.

By enrolling in our course, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge about these materials and how to utilize them effectively in orthodontic treatment.

In addition to material expertise, we cover important topics like over- and under-correction of rotations, deep and open bite, bonding errors, and their consequences.

Understanding these challenges and their implications is crucial for delivering successful orthodontic outcomes.

Explore detailed walkthroughs of different phases in orthodontics that emphasize key considerations before entering the mechanical phase.

We also focus on the significance of the 2nd consultation and patient education, highlighting the importance of informed consent in orthodontic treatment.

By equipping you with effective communication skills and strategies, we ensure that you can effectively educate, motivate and engage your patients throughout their treatment journey.

This course goes beyond the technical aspects and provides insights into various other aspects of orthodontic practice.

Enroll today and take the next step towards becoming a proficient and confident orthodontic professional.

Module 2

Diagnosis & Documentation for orthodontic cases

Diagnosis, cephalometric analysis & documentation for orthodontic cases

Looking to enhance your orthodontic skills and provide better care for your patients? Our comprehensive course is designed to help you do just that. We focus on diagnosis and documentation, teaching you the right approach to new patients and how to convert them into successful cases.

Our course covers all types of malocclusions, including soft tissue, dental, and skeletal diagnosis. You’ll learn how to diagnose and treat cases effectively in both phase I (mixed dentition) and phase II. We’ll teach you when to start an orthodontic case and how to create an effective treatment plan.

In addition to technical skills, we’ll also teach you how to communicate effectively with your patients. You’ll learn how to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand way, building trust and confidence in your skills.

Our experienced orthodontists teach the course with a mix of lectures, hands-on training, and case studies. You’ll get a comprehensive education that will set you up for success in your orthodontic career.

Our course also covers the latest digital orthodontic tools and techniques, including digital records and treatment planning software. You’ll learn how to incorporate these tools into your practice, improving efficiency and accuracy. This way, you can soon publish your own orthodontic cases on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more.

Enroll today and take the first step in improving your orthodontic skills and providing better care for your patients.

After finishing this course, Module 2 will cover all the materials used in effective orthodontics, including everything you need to know about bracket systems, pliers, coils, elastic chains, alastomerics, and more.

We welcome you to the start of your journey through our orthodontic course series.

Module 1

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