Dr. Robert Scherngell, MSc

Over 30 years of orthodontic experience.

Diagnosis and treatment of over 6,000 cases.

Completion of most relevant orthodontic courses, nationally and internationally.

Creator of CS Orthoseminars, conduction in European and Asian countries, in Australia, and the USA for more than 10 years.

  • In March 2009, Dr. Scherngell successfully passed the examination for the Austrian Board of Orthodontists.

  • In November 2009 he received his master’s degree in orthodontics at the Danube University Krems.

  • Member of the European Orthodontic Society

  • Member of the Association of Austrian Orthodontists

  • Member of the Austrian Dental Association

  • Dental advanced training diploma from the Austrian Chamber of Dentists

  • Dental advanced training diploma in orthodontics from the Austrian Chamber of Dentists

  • Quality assurance and development of educational institutions

Your Success is Our Priority

CS Ortho School offers a seminar series consisting of 9 modules, containing a wealth of valuable practical knowledge for novice and advanced orthodontic practitioners alike.

Our logical approach to solving orthodontic cases will help you when working with your own cases and enable you to achieve the results you are aiming for.

We are sharing a collection of more than 100 case studies, comprising a selection of our own successfully treated cases, including videos and lots of animations, explaining tooth movements and forces applied in orthodontics.

Maintaining a successful orthodontic practice requires managing your business, your team, and the needs of your patients. Our seminar series covers these aspects of your work, and will equip you with the practical skills needed for being successful in these areas.

Our exclusive interactive forum is used for discussing and debating current orthodontic problems and developments, providing an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and expert knowledge.

We are also offering monthly live online meetings. Every second year, there will be a 3-day live seminar, taking place at different locations worldwide.

AT/DE +43 699 101 182 87
CS Orthodontic Seminars GmbH
Hauptplatz 3 - A 3430 Tulln

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